Know about the Kite Buggying

The kite buggying is also referred as power kiting or buggy kiting. It is slightly a different sport that includes inflatable kites and flying power while riding in a kite buggy. The kite buggy is a three wheeler vehicle. It functions without extra weight or engine. It comes in various styles, and you have to ride depending on its size and style. You can plan to jump, slide or go fast according to its style. When you sit down, the rider starts to fly a kite that is appropriate to the size of the rider’s weight and the current winds. […]

Know about the Kitesurfing

The kitesurfing is also referred as kiteboarding, sky surfing or kite surfing. It is a kind of sport that involves riding in waves. The kitesurfing is performed on a surfboard in the United States. The player can ride the waves using the board along with the kites. It is hence referred as surfing. When you meet South Americans, Europeans and other people from the United States, you can easily see them kitesurfing by riding a board along with a kite. They refer the sport as kitesurfing. They will refer everything as kitesurfing where only the people of United States call […]

Know about the Kiteboarding Group Lessons

The group kiteboarding is a famous lesson structure. It is popular than the private kiteboarding lessons. It is available for all interested people and all level players. If you are a beginner and wish to explore the advanced level, you can get the group kiteboarding lesson. You have to research and enroll in a leading school that teaches the lesson in brief. There will be about maximum four members in one group. It will help you to become safe and knowledgeable kiteboarder. The teaching studio will provide necessary equipment that includes waterproof radio helmets, boats, impact vests, booties, harnesses, kite […]